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The Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education (KACEE) is a private, not-profit, 501(c)(3) association, whose mission is the promotion of effective conservation and environmental education throughout the State of Kansas. KACEE was established in 1969 as a public/private partnership made up of representatives of governmental agencies and organizations with an interest in supporting environmental education. Purpose:To serve as a medium for the exchange of information among member agencies and organizations interested or working in environmental and resource-use education. To provide a medium through which programs may be cooperatively developed to promote and encourage the teaching of an understanding of the environment and responsible use of resources. To serve through and Executive Committee as an advisory council to the Kansas State Board of Education. Objectives: Problem-solving skills for responsible decision-making. A positive attitude toward conservation and the proper utilization of natural resources. An understanding of the social and economic implications of environmental issues. An appreciation for the environment. Knowledge of the basic concepts of ecology.

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KACEE supports WRAPS in Kansas through:

  • WRAPS Capacity Building Forum & Regional Watershed Seminar series serving WRAPS Coordinators and Stakeholder Team Leaders with professional development and networking opportunities
  • Watershed Workshops serving both formal and non-formal educators with 4-project specialty workshops that include field studies and teaching resources to build understanding of local watershed resources and issues.
  • Watershed Information & Education Small Grants Program providing conservation districts in Kansas with supplementary monetary support for both adult and PreK-12 student water related information and education to assist WRAPS initiatives in their regions to address non-point source pollution

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All – We serve the entire state

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Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education (KACEE)